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Xindun's vision is sincere, dedicated, innovative, developed shared

The development mission should abide by rules, be self disciplined fulfill their responsibilities

The purpose of development is to make employees happy, customers moved, take social responsibility create human health

Family culture "family everything prospers" is the corporate culture that Xindun family leaders uphold. This inheritance concept was determined at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise.

Enterprise competition is embodied in product competition, behind product competition is actually the competition of enterprise culture. When employees work with vitality, enterprises can enjoy profits from fierce competition obtain the core competence of sustainable development. Xindun people always keep this truth in mind.

Our Xindun family, under the leadership of the chairman with the joint efforts of everyone, has created a good atmosphere of "home". All family members, based on harmony loyalty, have realized the good situation that the enterprise cares for employees employees love the enterprise, forming a strong centripetal force cohesion. The family members work hard to achieve the development goals of the enterprise through the responsibility of taking the company as their home.

Roll up your sleeves laugh when you relax your shoulders. Stop occasionally just to pack up your mood, meet more beautiful scenery rest, so as to restore the strength of heavy wings.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of leisure culture. First, it organizes all employees to travel twice a year, including a red education tour a scenic spot tour. At present, it has visited Lei Feng memorial hall, Liaoyang Museum, Dalian, Yingkou other scenic spots. Second, recreational facilities equipment such as baths fitness facilities have been specially built for employees, creating a comfortable warm working living environment, the happiness index of employees has been improved.

Safety concept safety production is Jinshan Yinshan

Xindun people regard safety production as a golden mountain silver mountain, equipped with full-time safety work institutions senior safety management personnel with professional qualifications, equipped with special funds, the general manager personally participates in safety education, safety publicity, safety activities other related work. More than 20 special safety activities are carried out every year. Safety first prevention first; Life is priceless, safety is heaven. We have grasped that safety is the essential need inevitable requirement of production operation. Under the condition that the life safety of employees is effectively guaranteed the normal operation of equipment facilities is guaranteed, the enterprise has achieved sustainable, healthy harmonious development.

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