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Liaoning Xindun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully participated in the special roadshow in Zhongguancun, Beijing

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On June 10, sponsored by Liaoning Provincial securities regulatory bureau, Liaoning Provincial Finance Bureau, Liaoning Provincial Department of science and technology and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and jointly organized by China high tech Zone Science and technology finance information service platform, Shenzhen Stock Exchange Zhongguancun Science and technology finance roadshow center, Liaoning equity trading center and flint spark v-next, "Liaoning Provincial Science and technology enterprise investment and financing normalization roadshow (Beijing Zhongguancun special session)", It was successfully held in Zhongguancun Financial Building in Beijing. The activity aims to give full play to the functions of regional equity market roadshow financing, cultivation and incubation of northeast old industrial base, introduce high-quality private investment institutions outside the province, and help small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises realize transformation, upgrading and high-quality development.

Since 2016, Liaoning equity trading center, as the operating organization of Liaoning equity market, has continued to carry out normalized roadshow activities, built a platform for the docking of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises with the capital market, led the development of enterprises with the capital market, assisted the growth of enterprises with financing services, and created a sound and innovative comprehensive financial service platform. Through in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd., adopting the mode of "project solicitation + roadshow guidance + on-site docking + online live broadcasting", and taking "communication, integration and development" as the theme, eight consecutive investment and financing roadshows were held and achieved fruitful results. This roadshow was successfully held for the first time in Beijing Zhongguancun Financial Building, which creatively realized the good situation of Liaoning science and technology enterprises going global and the introduction of national excellent investment institutions.

More than 100 people from more than 40 fund investment institutions such as Shenzhou venture capital and Jinshi investment attended the roadshow. The roadshow was broadcast online to professional investment institutions across the country through "China high tech Zone Science and technology financial information service platform" and "Liaoning comprehensive financial service platform".

He Rongxiang, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial securities regulatory bureau, Huang Songwen, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Finance Bureau, and Zhu Haipeng, deputy director of the North Center of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, visited the roadshow and made a wonderful speech. Wang Xu, general manager of Liaoning equity trading center, also participated in the roadshow. Fushun Municipal government attaches great importance to the roadshow and specially appoints relevant leaders of Fushun Financial Bureau and Fushun financial holding group to accompany it. There was a warm atmosphere and frequent exchanges and interactions.

The roadshow also invited Wang Yang, the founding partner of Beijing Zhiming Haojin investment company, Guan Bo, the managing director of Shanghai Yichen investment company, Gong Xuhua, the managing director of Shenzhen Dachen Caizhi venture capital company and other senior investment bank experts to comment on the enterprise roadshow. China news network, China Securities Network, Liaoning Daily and other mainstream media have carried out extensive publicity.

Liaoning Xindun Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd., as the only participating enterprise in Fushun City and the only representative of the biomedical industry in Liaoning Province, conducted a fruitful roadshow. General manager Liu Guoyong will give a detailed introduction from the aspects of enterprise overview, industry analysis, business results, development prospects and financing needs. It has been highly praised and fully affirmed by relevant provincial and municipal leaders, investment institutions, investors and roadshow enterprises.

President Liu introduced that Xindun Pharma was founded in 2016 with a registered capital of 105 million, covering an area of 33616 square meters, a total construction area of 24392 square meters and a total assets of 160 million. Adhering to the principle of "sincerity, dedication, innovation, development and sharing", closely focusing on the development direction of the country, and in accordance with the overall requirements of the 14th five year plan and carbon peak and carbon neutralization, we have implemented the enterprise development concept of "low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable management", and defined three product systems: industrial grade products, pharmaceutical grade products and new energy material series, In full compliance with relevant national policies, it is a green economy project with carbon dioxide consumption, low energy consumption and low pollution.
President Liu stressed that Xindun Pharma has the advantages of "international leading technology advantage, continuous cutting-edge R & D capability, stable production capacity and integrated industrial chain", and its business achievements are in a leading position in the same industry. It has won the titles of "young eagle enterprise", "national high-tech enterprise", "scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprise" and "enterprises above Designated Size" "Specialized and special new products" and other honorary titles, 25 patented technologies have been obtained and 10 patents are being applied for. The enterprise's credit rating, credit rating, quality and service, contract and service are all AAA. The legal representative is rated as China's honest entrepreneur and honest manager.
When looking forward to the future of Xindun, President Liu introduced with passion that Xindun pharmaceutical has achieved the first five-year industrial layout, and the second five-year plan is to improve the pharmaceutical industry, substitute medicine for manufacturing, build an integrated industrial base in Liaoning and Sichuan, and start the listing plan. It is planned that after 2025, Zhanjiang project will be completed to form a national integrated layout and realize the third five-year plan. It is expected that after the completion of the integrated layout, the annual sales volume will reach 180000 tons, the output value will reach 2.1 billion yuan and the profit and tax will reach 600 million yuan.
Three famous domestic investment banking experts spoke highly of Liu Guoyong's roadshow, and made detailed comments, enthusiastic questions and pertinent suggestions on the industries, products and future planning they are concerned about.
After the roadshow, President Liu interacted with many investment banking experts and investment institutions. More than 10 investment institutions, including Beijing Chengtai investment, Beijing zhiminghaojin investment, Shanghai Yichen investment and Shenzhen Dachen financial intelligence venture capital, have invested in olive branches. At present, Xindun Pharma has held early negotiations with many investment institutions. Since then, Xindun pharmaceutical has embarked on the road of capital and entered the fast lane of rapid development.

Xindun people will not forget their original intention, forge ahead and make use of the favorable conditions of equity investment to build a green and low-carbon new material industry chain dominated by ethylene oxide derivatives. While meeting domestic demand, the products will be gradually exported to European and American countries, so as to go to the international market. Realize the integrated development plan of "Prospering enterprises through science and technology, echoing north and south, based on domestic and occupying international" as soon as possible, build a century old enterprise and become a world top 100 enterprise with sustainable operation and sustainable development.

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